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Can WRLC help you?

WRLC seeks legal issues that allow students to build practical skills and learn environmental and natural resources law while advocating for natural resource entities. Persons or businesses interested in benefiting from WRLC's legal services are welcome to submit an application for consideration. Applicants must complete the Request for Legal Services Form and should include any pertinent non-privileged and non-confidential documents.

Western Resources Legal Center
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Portland, OR 97239

WRLC is a nonprofit organization and does not charge or profit from the legal services provided. WRLC, however, does not cover the costs and expenses related to the litigation. WRLC clients remain responsible for the costs and expenses related to their case(s).

To submit an application, fill out the Request for Legal Services Form online.

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We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational organization sponsored by a diverse group of natural resource industries, including farmers, ranchers, miners, foresters, resource developers, dairy producers, and other natural resource dependent entities.